About PRCC

PRCC is a group of alumni from HKU SPACE Postgraduate Diploma of Public Relations which is dedicated to form the official alumni chapter to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between HKU SPACE and its alumni to perpetuate a sense of commitment to the University, promote the PR industry and enhance public understanding of the public relations profession.

Public relations is an increasingly important management function in any organization in the active commercial and media environment of Hong Kong. The demand for communication expertise in helping brand building and enhancing competitiveness is more urgent than ever before.

To cope with the changing needs, markets and the latest media technology, this course programme focuses on equipping students with the concepts and skills in corporate communications, particularly the use of the social media as communication channels, PR theories and language skills.

This programme prepares students to become effective communicators, giving performance with the competence and confidence for positions in government, private industry, and the not-for-profit sector, as specialists in PR and communications.


PRCC Objectives:

  1. to build up the platform for communications and networking amongst members as well as provide opportunities for lifelong learning and career assistance;
  2. to cultivate a sense of belonging within the University;
  3. to advance and safeguard the welfare, rights and privileges of members;
  4. to support and subscribe to any charitable or public body;
  5. to promote and enhance public understanding of the public relations profession;
  6. to provide a unified voice for the graduates on issues relevant to the profession of public relations;
  7. to provide a platform for the graduates to exchange views and share experiences for individual development, as well as for the development of the whole industry;
  8. to develop and gain public recognition of the professional status




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