HKU SPACE New School Branding Campaign Kicks-off

Dear Alumni,

We are delighted to announce that a new School Branding Campaign has just been kicked off.  “Learning never exhausts the mind”, a famous quote from Leonardo da Vinci has been selected as the theme of the campaign to exemplify and promote lifelong learning – the core mission of the School.


A new initiative in this advertising plan is a TV commercial, a 45/30-sec artistic film production featuring this legendary figure, translating his perpetual spirit in the search for knowledge.  Commencing last week, the TV commercial has been aired via free and paid TV channels and it will be extended to MTR as well as cinemas. Bus body and MTR lightboxes will be employed to enhance and sustain the campaign awareness.


You may wish to view the film production and its concept behind here.  You are also welcome to disseminate the film and promote the da Vinci spirit via social media and your personal network.


Apart from the advertising campaign, a purpose built mini-site which covers some interesting anecdotes of Leonardo da Vinci’s thoughts, life and his many influences to the modern world will be completed by 26th August.  Please kindly visit the School website to learn more about this great master’s interest in arts, science, mathematics, nature and anatomy.

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