HKU SPACE Volunteers 校友義工團

Background of HKU SPACE Volunteers

To help build a loving and caring community, HKU SPACE ALUMNI (the ALUMNI) establishes HKU SPACE Volunteers. It aims to serve the community by providing voluntary support services to the needy, and to broaden the network of our alumni members. Training courses will be provided to volunteers to strengthen their service and skills.
The Volunteer Team is chaired by Dr. Darwin Chen, who is also the Second Vice-President of the ALUMNI and Chairman of the HKU SPACE ALUMNI Membership Committee.


1. To enable the contribution of abilities, time, knowledge and experience by the alumni to serving the community, thereby bringing such efforts to bear on the needy.
2. To direct the ALUMNI’s care and concern on the needy through a variety of volunteer services, thereby fostering a spirit of unity and mutual support.
3. To promote among ALUMNI a better understanding of social welfare and people’s livelihood.
4. To enhance channels of communication within the ALUMNI so as to establish amicable personal relationships and broaden their network of affiliations.

Volunteer Requirements

1. Only registered HKU SPACE ALUMNI members are entitled to register as a member of HKU SPACE Volunteers. (All applications are free of charge)
2. Applicants must be Hong Kong permanent residents, holders of valid Hong Kong Identity Card and have the right of abode in Hong Kong.
3. Applicants are expected to work cooperatively with other volunteers.
4. Applicants are expected to have an enthusiasm for serving others.

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