Senior Executive Officer in the Community College [RF: 2011/12-FT-058-CTOL]

Duties: The appointee will assist in campus and office administration and provide secretarial support to committees/meetings. Major duties include overseeing general administration of three main Community College campuses, such as classroom allocation, office administration and counter operation, establishing and reviewing operational procedures and guidelines, managing the plan of campus accommodation and facilities, liaising with other units on new campus and office setup and relocation, coordinating the administration of the SOUL platform and Learner Portal, handling personnel matters such as staff recruitment, and supervising administrative and support staff.

Requirements: Candidates should possess a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 5-6 years’ experience in campus administration or other related fields in the higher education or continuing education sector, and at least 2 years’ experience at managerial level. He/She should be independent, detail-minded, a good team member and able to work under pressure. Strong analytical, organizational, supervisory, communication and interpersonal skills, good computer proficiency and excellent command of written and spoken English and Chinese (including Putonghua) are required.

Closing Date for Applications: September 05, 2011

For further details and application, please click here.

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Professional Seminar Series – Wine Markets Aspect: 2011 Trends; Bordeaux Grands Crus Corporate Communication

Date: 05 Sep 2011
Time: 19:00 – 20:30 (Registration starts at 18:30)
Venue: Room 204, 2/F, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong (access via the Shopping Arcade escalators through Exit A, Admiralty MTR Station)
Speaker: Professor Pierre Mora, Bordeaux Management School
Enquiry: Steven Fung Email: [email protected]


Head of the Marketing and CRM Department of BEM Bordeaux Management School

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Professional Seminar Series: Brand Creation and Strategy

Date: 01 Sep 2011

Time: 7pm-8:30pm (Registration starts at 6:30pm)

Venue: 2/F, Room 204, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong

Speaker: Ms Candice Lai Zee Suen, Director of Bite Limited (umbrella company to Triple O’s HK and Yo Mama)

Enquiry: For enquiry, please contact Ms Lai at 2867 8482 or send email at [email protected]

Remark: Medium of Language: English (supplemented with Cantonese)

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Shopper Marketing: A New Perspective on the Integrated Shopper Experience

Date: 31 Aug 2011
Time: 7:00- 8:30pm
Venue: Room 204, 2/F Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, H.K. (Admiralty MTR Exit A)
Speaker: Mr. Kevin Yeung
Enquiry: 29755708 Ms. Cenny Hui ([email protected])


Shopper Marketing: A New Perspective on the Integrated Shopper Experience

HKU SPACE specially brings you an evening seminar on Shopper Marketing: A New Perspective on  the Integrated Shopper Experience. Mr. Kevin Yeung will share with the audiences in this seminar about his observations and studies about Shopper Marketing, the importance to ensure substantial return when employing marketing tactics, as well as lessons learned from experience of different retailers.

Online Registration (Shopper Marketing: A New Perspective on the Integrated Shopper Experience)

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HKU SPACE New School Branding Campaign Kicks-off

Dear Alumni,

We are delighted to announce that a new School Branding Campaign has just been kicked off.  “Learning never exhausts the mind”, a famous quote from Leonardo da Vinci has been selected as the theme of the campaign to exemplify and promote lifelong learning – the core mission of the School.


A new initiative in this advertising plan is a TV commercial, a 45/30-sec artistic film production featuring this legendary figure, translating his perpetual spirit in the search for knowledge.  Commencing last week, the TV commercial has been aired via free and paid TV channels and it will be extended to MTR as well as cinemas. Bus body and MTR lightboxes will be employed to enhance and sustain the campaign awareness.


You may wish to view the film production and its concept behind here.  You are also welcome to disseminate the film and promote the da Vinci spirit via social media and your personal network.


Apart from the advertising campaign, a purpose built mini-site which covers some interesting anecdotes of Leonardo da Vinci’s thoughts, life and his many influences to the modern world will be completed by 26th August.  Please kindly visit the School website to learn more about this great master’s interest in arts, science, mathematics, nature and anatomy.

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Dinner Gathering


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Gathering Dinner


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2011-07-22 Karaoke Gathering

PRCC Happy Friday Night Karaoke Event
日期: 7月22日(星期五)
地點: CEO Neway (銅鑼灣糖街2-8號)
時間: 晚上8:00開始
RSVP: [email protected]

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2011-06-06 Cycling for One World

今年6月6日端午節 (下星期一公眾假期), 大家除了可以觀賞傳統龍舟競渡外,更可以與一眾傷健共融鬥士、單車好手,齊集中環遮打道行人專用區,參與 HKU SPACE PRCC 協辦之《踏出共融路》啟動禮 暨 傷健龍舟單車匯演,體驗傷健單車新設計及參與攤位遊樂場等其他活動,攜手《踏出共融路》。


為響應聯合國「殘疾人權利公約」的精神,在港推動建立和諧共融社會,《踏出共融路》將於6月6 日正式啟動,展開5小時之傷健單車同樂活動。


是次活動由「勞工及福利局屬下康復諮詢委員會」及「香港快活谷獅子會」主辦、多個傷健協會、商界團體及非牟利機構協辦的大型傷健單車活動。HKU SPACE PRCC 作為協辦團體之一,擔任著協助活動項目統籌的重要角色,並聯同 HKU SPACE Alumni 義工團隊,透過與傷健人士一起參與多項大型單車表演活動,攜手向港人推廣及實踐傷健共融理念,構建出和諧共融的關愛社會。




日期: 2011年6月6日(星期一,端午節公眾假期)

地點: 中環遮打道行人專用區 (地鐵K出口附近)

費用: 全免

時間: 下午12時至5時


舞台表演( 默劇表演、龍舟單車表演、快活路德樂隊演奏、花式單車、輪椅舞)及銀樂隊演奏





歡迎各位 HKU SPACE PRCC Alumni 及學生當天下午抽空出席,為這次傷健活動打氣及增添活力色彩。

如欲了解更多有關活動之內容,歡迎電郵至 [email protected] 或瀏覽大會網頁

在此衷心感謝各界好友對 HKU SPACE PRCC 及《踏出共融路》之支持與鼓勵 !




HKU SPACE Public Relations and Corporate Communications Alumni Chapter



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2011-05-14 BBQ Party

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HKU SPACE Volunteers 校友義工團

Background of HKU SPACE Volunteers

To help build a loving and caring community, HKU SPACE ALUMNI (the ALUMNI) establishes HKU SPACE Volunteers. It aims to serve the community by providing voluntary support services to the needy, and to broaden the network of our alumni members. Training courses will be provided to volunteers to strengthen their service and skills.
The Volunteer Team is chaired by Dr. Darwin Chen, who is also the Second Vice-President of the ALUMNI and Chairman of the HKU SPACE ALUMNI Membership Committee.


1. To enable the contribution of abilities, time, knowledge and experience by the alumni to serving the community, thereby bringing such efforts to bear on the needy.
2. To direct the ALUMNI’s care and concern on the needy through a variety of volunteer services, thereby fostering a spirit of unity and mutual support.
3. To promote among ALUMNI a better understanding of social welfare and people’s livelihood.
4. To enhance channels of communication within the ALUMNI so as to establish amicable personal relationships and broaden their network of affiliations.

Volunteer Requirements

1. Only registered HKU SPACE ALUMNI members are entitled to register as a member of HKU SPACE Volunteers. (All applications are free of charge)
2. Applicants must be Hong Kong permanent residents, holders of valid Hong Kong Identity Card and have the right of abode in Hong Kong.
3. Applicants are expected to work cooperatively with other volunteers.
4. Applicants are expected to have an enthusiasm for serving others.

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2011-03-25 PRCC Happy Hour

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2011-02-12 Chinese New Year Dinner

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2010-12-27 PRCC Christmas Dinner

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2010-11-21 PRCC Anniversary BBQ

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2010-08-21 Bowling Fun Day

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2010-07-17 Badminton

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2010-04-29 Happy Hour Spring 2010

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2010-02-21 Chinese New Year Gathering

Visit Professor Joseph’s Home

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2010-01-28 PRCC First Happy Hour

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