HKU SPACE 60th Anniversary Gala Dinner

HKU SPACE was founded in May 1957 as the Department of Extra Mural Studies of the University of Hong Kong, and has been a leader in professional and continuing education in the territory for six decades. The School is committed to providing professional programmes and personal enrichment courses for Hong Kong people from every sector …

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HKU SPACE ALUMNI 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner 2015

The Gala Dinner will be held on 3 July 2015 (Friday) at 7:30pm in Loke Yew Hall at the University of Hong Kong. We will review the ALUMNI from its inception and celebrate its various achievements over the decade. Apart from the light-hearted speeches from alumni, we promise to provide you an enjoyable and entertaining …

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HKU SPACE Alumni Week 校友週2011: 黑豚肉、帶子及清酒試食聚會;林煥光先生、羅乃萱女士主題講座

Dear PRCC Alumni, The annual event of the HKU SPACE Alumni, Alumni Week 2011 will be held very soon.  This year, we have invited a food supplier to provide high quality 日本黑豚肉, 北海道帶子 and 日本清酒 for a happy hour gathering in a Jazz Bar in Central and the registration fee is only $50 per alumnus! …

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HKU SPACE New School Branding Campaign Kicks-off

Dear Alumni, We are delighted to announce that a new School Branding Campaign has just been kicked off.  “Learning never exhausts the mind”, a famous quote from Leonardo da Vinci has been selected as the theme of the campaign to exemplify and promote lifelong learning – the core mission of the School.   A new …

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