The School Branding mini-site goes live

The new School Branding campaign was successfully launched on August 19 to promote Lifelong Learning – the core mission of the School.  As mentioned in the previous email, starting from 26th August, a purposely built mini-site with the aim to share the anecdote of Leonardo da Vinci and his great knowledge is completed and is now going live in the School website.


You can view the film production as well as the following interesting items from the mini-site which surely cannot be missed:-

  • The Legendary Life of Leonardo da Vinci
  • 10 Great Knowledges: Pick out 10 interesting creations among his major achievement in various disciplines
  • Anecdote of Leonardo da Vinci: Visit the amusing episodes that traced bits and pieces of information, his scientific and artistic pursuits
  • Interactive Quiz: to walkthrough the major achievements in both the realms of engineering and fine art
  • The making of  “Live it, Learn it” short film: from conception to the delivery of the final film


Let’s visit and enjoy the mini-site (, learn more about the great master and further spread his spirit which exemplifies the core mission of the School.


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